Duke of Edinburgh Poem

By Mark Tomkinson
Tuesday 22nd June 2010
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Ten years ago at the Golden Jubilee of the Lord's Taverners he did a poem, entitled "The Duke and I", gently teasing the Duke of Edinburgh for never recognising me. Now ten years on he was back at St James's Palace for the Diamond Jubilee where he produced another. "The Duke and I - the Sequel". Click here to read it. At the end of the evening the Duke responded and, rejecting "the Cat's" request for a lift home, produced a one verse poem for "Cat Bevan" which stated that his cab was too small and that there was not enough room to swing a cat!

HRH-enjoying-the-Cats-poem-The-Duke-and-I-the-16.jpg Bob-at-St-Jamess-Palace-addressing-the-Duke-of-Ed-16.jpgRoasting-the-Royal-The-Cat-delivers-The-Duke-an-16.jpg
HRH enjoying the Cat's poemBob at St James's PalaceRoasting the Royal

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