Sir Alex,'arry and The Cat

By Mark Tomkinson
Saturday 15th May 2010
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The-Cat-and-Harry-Redknapp-play-it-for-laughs-at-t-16.jpg Great-fun-Sir-Alex-Ferguson-the-worlds-greatest-16.jpg


 I had helped put this together and hosted the event which was jointly in aid of the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and the Lords Taverners.

 I also did Q&As with Sir Alex Ferguson (pictured bottom left) and then Harry Redknapp (pictured top left)


It was hailed as a great occasion. It got mentioned in the Mail and the Mirror.

" The Cat did an outstanding job and all the guests I spoke to were really impressed and enjoyed the interviews with Sir Alex and Harry" - John Ayling, Chairman, Lord's Taverners.

"The interviews were great" - Roger Eastoe, former Managing Director, Mirror Group.



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