TV and Radio Presenter and Interviewer

Bob-with-his-much-missed-friend-Sir-Bobby-Robson-13.JPGBob with his much missed friend Sir Bobby Robson
Bob-interviewing-his-good-friend-Sir-Ian-Botham-13.JPG Bob interviewing his good friend Sir Ian Botham.

I hope you realise what a success you’ve been. Failures don’t get asked back

Lizz Loxam , Executive Producer, Six-O-Six

Bob excels in this area having followed Danny Baker on BBC Radio 5’s Six-O-Six phone-in show.

With his journalistic skills he is also an excellent interviewer and has hosted many sports forums comfortably switching between humour and serious topics.

In May Bob received rave reviews after his “chat shows” with Sir Alex Ferguson and Harry Redknapp. He followed this up with 2005 Ashes-winning skipper Michael Vaughan.

Your interview with Sir Alex wa the best I've seen.

Bob Cass,football journalist, Mail on Sunday

As a result he was asked to interview Sunderland manager Steve Bruce on Sky Sports and this led to the Shearer and McCarthy programme.

Among his many panellists/interviewees are included Sir Ian Botham, Sir Alex Ferguson, the late Sir Bobby Robson, Mark Ramprakash, Alec Stewart and many more.

Bob is also a frequent guest on radio and television ranging from a serious Radio 4 production on oratory to BBC political and news programmes to Talksport’s  “Hawksbee & Jacobs” and other national and local shows.

At the start of his career he also recorded an LP of football jokes  entitled “One Flew Over the Bar” which he co-wrote with the now legendary scriptwriters Lawrence Marks and Maurice Gran.  It is still sometimes played on British Airways Comedy Channel.

Grumpy old goalies


Bob 'The Cat' Bevan