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Bevan is such an accomplished joke writer and orator

Sunday Times

Bob is frequently asked for ideas for speeches and provides this service either on his own or together with his writing partner Brian Robinson.

Bob met Brian while they were playing football for the Old Wilsonians and Old Parmiterians respectively.

It was Brian who initially wrote some of Bob’s early material and they have co-operated ever since.

The high point was when Bob’s old friend Seb Coe (now Lord Coe) was working with William Hague as Leader of the Opposition. Seb asked if they could help with some of William’s material.

Among their contributions was an acclaimed “Lonely Hearts” item which was delivered at the Conservative Party Conference and which was re-run by the media several times the next day.

Bob also used his poetry skills to produce a poem about David Blunkett and his guide dog during the Kimberly Quinn scandal.

Brian and Bob have also written material for Lord Coe, worked for Sir David Frost, provided scripts for “Through the  Keyhole” and for many other prominent figures in industry and politics.

Even Lord Runcie, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, used to telephone Bob asking for jokes!

You are a legend in our house with the “Johnson Brothers” and “Lenin in Poland” jokes.

Lady Runcie

In his early days Bob recorded an LP of football jokes  entitled “One Flew Over the Bar” which he co-wrote with the now legendary scriptwriters Lawrence Marks and Maurice Gran.  It is still used on British Airways Comedy Channel.


Grumpy old goalies


Bob 'The Cat' Bevan