John Bromley

John Bromley was Head of Sport for ITV and one of life’s great characters. He was also very active in the Lord’s Taverners and was Chairman for three years during which he also contracted a terminal illness. I couldn’t get to his retirement party but sent this poem which was delivered by actor Robert Powell who does a better impersonation of me than Rory Bremner. Not that it is career threatening to Rory.


I wish I was there to pay tribute to Brommers
But I’ve got a dinner even more ethereal
So I thought I’d write this poem
And give Powelly some decent material
Brommers has added spice to all of our lives
And good causes of an enormous variety 
For he’s up the front of the membership queue
If you start up a club or society

I mean - I’ve spoken at hundreds of dinners
Where I’ve delivered a joke or a homily
And when I’ve asked “who is the Pres or the Chairman?”
They’ve nearly always replied “it’s John Bromley”

He had a tough time as Tavs Chairman
A few rows and the odd little splat
But through it all, he made sure we stayed friends
It takes a big man to do that

He’s had three years this time as Tavs Chairman
He faced problems and the occasional muddle
But he applied the old Bromley cure -
“All he needs is a bit of a cuddle”

When you meet him a laugh’s always near
And later, a table he’ll help you slip under
For when you slide off your chair to oblivion
You’ll hear Brommers: “You alright, Commander?”

And so I wish you all, and specially Brommers,
A night of emotional wealth
He knows we are all in his corner
For him to win his fight back to health
As an afterthought …………..
Do you know - it’s 20 years since I first met Brommers?
When he was Head of Sport at ITV
I’ve just realised - he must have been good at his job
For in all that time, he never booked me



Grumpy old goalies


Bob 'The Cat' Bevan