There's a Scottish city called Edinburgh
Where flag day takings are often quite bad
And a couple whose surname was Corbett
Lived there with young Ronnie, their lad

A smart young kid was our Ron
A bright-eyed and neat little bloke
And if you sat him in a big chair
He would tell you a rambling joke

He grew up to bring laughter to millions
And he's kept up his vigour and vim
For in the world of comedy
There is no bigger man than him

We're about to see clips of his genius
Then we'll hear from others before his response
But I must say he doesn't look eighty
Although I expect he must have done once

So Ron more power to your elbow
As for the next decade you get set
But keep well away from organic foods
You need all the preservatives you can get

Copyright Bob "the Cat" Bevan MBE 2010



Grumpy old goalies


Bob 'The Cat' Bevan